Monika Hilm

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Monika Hilm
General Manager
Nordic Hotel & Resorts

Hotels from Europe to Asia, including Cruises, she wanted to see it all and she has proven that modern leadership and financial success go hand in hand.

In her career she has worked with Hilton Hotels for 13 years, and which brought her via London, Bucharest, Athens, Vienna, and Copenhagen to GM for Hilton Prague Old Town. Then regional general manager for 3 hotels for a private hotel group in the Czech Republic. Monika has shared her leadership experiences by publishing a book entitled: “Put Your People First and the Rest Will Follow”, sold in 15 countries before becoming Vienna House regional director for Czech Republic & Slovakia. During summer 2020 she moved back to her native Sweden.

Monika has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Oxford Brookes University in Hotel Management, as well as a Business Administration degree from American College, Singapore.


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