Luka Berger

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Luka Berger
Founder and CEO

Luka Berger is the founder and CEO of Flexkeeping – a modern day replacement for pen-and-paper style of communication in the hotel industry. The idea for the app was born out of the desire to help hotel staff optimise their workdays and give them time to provide their guests with better service.

Luka experienced the challenges of the traditional way of communication between hotel staff for himself when he spent his post-graduation summer working as a housekeeper in a hotel in Yellowstone National Park, USA. Wanting to cut down on lost time and increase guest satisfaction, he came back home and partnered up with a couple of trusted teammates to kick his ideas into action.

Since launching in 2013, Flexkeeping is being used to manage more than 40.000 hotel rooms in 17 countries worldwide. Proving themselves great potential, the company has gained over 2 mio € of venture capital investments from international investors.

Apart from running and getting new ideas on improving Flexkeeping, Luka is also a big enthusiast of all modern-day technology and its effect on our everyday life. He actively participates in conversation about the future of technology in the hospitality sector.


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