Kemal Lojo

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Kemal Lojo
Business Development Manager

Regional Business developer for Danfoss energy efficiency (EE) solutions for heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation  in new and renovation projects in Adriatic and Black Sea region, Zagreb and Croatia. Over 10 years working on promotion of new EE solutions aiming at customers better comfort.

Based on 10 years of extensive EE related experience and competences, participating on Croatian market as a trainer for energy auditors and other experts involved in designing, audits, certification and/or evaluation of EE renovation projects under EU funds support. Knowledge transfer to Investors, consultants and energy auditors’ over education about EE solutions for different types of buildings (hotels, office, multi-family, shopping malls, hospitals, kindergartens, student accommodation buildings, etc.). through one by one education, group seminars, conference presentations, round tables, PR activities aiming at different stakeholder groups, as well as media and specialized outlets.

Since 2016 Danfoss authorized person for public relations activities regarding awareness raising, public information and education, and from mid-2018 stakeholder relations regarding hotel energy renovation projects. Main PR achievement: 2017 Grand PRix award of the Croatian Public Relations Agency for the best Communication Strategy. Member of board of Green Building Croatia and member of Croatian norm chamber HZN/TO561.


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