Katarina Larisa Ham

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Katarina Larisa Ham
Founder and licensee

Katarina Larisa Ham is the founder and licensee of Quintessentially Adriatic, the largest and the only global luxury Lifestyle concierge.

Studying economics at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Ljubljana, Lara Ham was an active intern at Slovenian National Television and worked as a PR Lions club where she ran numerous humanitarian projects, both in Slovenia and Africa. As a first Fellow of the US Government, she continues her studies in America, at the University of San Diego, where she was studying International Relations, and in Columbia, Chicago, where she successfully completed her Master’s Degree in PR. As part of the PR team, she worked in the US at the third largest NGO firm, March of Dimes in Houston, Texas, followed by a PR career at the Boston Globe Chicago. As a fellow of The Washington Center, she participated in the 1996 Campaign: Clinton and Bob Dole. Upon her return from the United States, they immediately offered her a position in the Cabinet of the then Prime Minister and for the next three years she worked with the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, in the Prime Minister’s office as his personal advisor and accompanied him on all his travels across Europe, USA, Africa, UAE, participated in meetings such as Crans Montana and Davos.

In 2000, Larisa Ham has become the Director of Public Relations and Customer Relations Management at Mobitel, the Slovenian national telecommunication provider, where she was responsible for planning and organizing marketing activities; strategic planning and coordination of PR activities, strategic consulting and training for 600 employees. After that, she became the representative office director for the exYU.

She started her own company Intercor in 2006, which specializes in providing business and management consulting to foreign companies aiming for implementation in Southeastern Europe. Since 2011, she has become CEO of the leading international company, Quintessentially Lifestyle SEE, covering offices in 8 countries in the region.

In addition to her business responsibilities, Lara Ham enjoys a variety of sports: from swimming to yoga. She loves to read and travel, is inspired by the arts, and enjoys culinary specialties with her family and friends. She is married and is a mother of two children ages 15 and 17.


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