General Terms of Business

Please read carefully.

Registration of participants

By registering at the Festival, the General Conditions of Business are accepted. The registration should end within the deadlines set in the program. Registration obliges the participant to pay for the registration fee. Once the payment has been received the registration will be confirmed. Participants authorize the organizer to collect and keep the registration data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. VAT In accordance with Article 53 of Directive 2006/112 / EC, registration is subject to VAT calculation at the rate of the country where the event is organized, regardless of whether it is invoiced to a legal entity or natural person. In Croatia this is a 25% VAT rate. In the event of a change in the tax rate, the organizer reserves the right to apply the same.

Attestation of Participation and Paid Registration

Written confirmation of participation will be received by each participant after the properly filed application and payment of the fee. The price of the registration depends on the date of payment and the amount of the ordering fee. Discounts apply if the payment is made up to the date that the same applies. If the payment is made 48 hours before the festival, the confirmation must be submitted at the registration desk at the time of registration.

Registration fee

Registration includes:

  • Participation in all the professional contents of the festival: lectures and workshops
  • Promotional materials

Registration does not include:

  • Hosting the participants during the festival
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

In the prices of the advertisements published on the official website VAT is not included.

Cancellation of the festival

If the Festival is canceled as a result of force majeure or insufficient number of participants (less then 300) or for reasons that the organizer can not influence, the paid entry fee is returned to the payer. The Organizer undertakes to notify all registered participants within and at the latest 7 days prior notice in case of cancellation. This does not apply to the other costs the participant might have.

Cancellation by Participants

  • Cancellation of confirmed reservation must be in writing.
  • Cancellation received by 1st August 2018: Refund of fee deducted by VAT and 30% of costs. This is only possible on the basis of a written agreement with the organizer of the Festival.
  • After August 1, 2018, no refunds are possible.
  • Cancellation is not possible for non – attendance of the event
  • In case of double payments or payment, with adequate supporting documentation, the same will be returned after the Festival

Changes in the program

The organizer reserves the right to make changes within the event program. These changes can not affect the reduction in the cost of the entry fee or a partial refund.


For all complaints, please contact us at We are obliged to submit a response within 5 business days.

Publication of materials

All events within “Hotel Operations Weekend” are photographed and recorded and used for promotional purposes of the Festival.

Statement on the Protection and Collection of Personal Data and their Use

Our server and website are protected by security protocols.

Proficiscor d.o.o is obliged to provide the protection of any personal data of the participant, in such a way that the participant’s data (name, surname, company) can be transferred to a third party only in the event that party is related in activity to the participant. The list of all Festival participants will be forwarded to the publication as follows:

  • In an official application where participants can contact each other and arrange meetings
  • Sponsors of the festival

If you do not want your data to be included or forwarded, please let us know in writing at Also, the organizer must submit the required information to the official bodies on their official request.

All customer information is strictly kept and only available to employees who are required to keep them private. Profisciscor d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for adhering to the privacy principles.


The organizer will be responsible for the performance of the program in the same format as it has been published, respecting the common good practices. Any objection should be in writing to be considered and resolved in accordance with the Submission of Consumer Complaint Procedure.


Competent court in Zagreb, Croatia, will be used for any and all disputes and all competence shall apply to Croatian legal system.

Acceptance of general business conditions

These general terms of business will apply to the HOW Festival. By signing up for the Festival, the general terms of business are considered accepted.

The application for the HOW Festival is valid for two weeks.

If you sign up for early bird or regular registration, that price is valid for another week after their end date.