Boris Šuljić

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Boris Šuljić
Hotel Boškinac

Boris Šuljić, a businessman from Novalja, started his career path in early twenties when he took over a family boarding house. As seen today this humble beginning opened the door to more than thirty years of successful business in the hospitality industry. He soon opened his first restaurant, and then the first and only beach club Kalypso on, then still unknown, Zrće beach.

After more than a decade of working in the hospitality industry, a new business venture begins – the opening of a winery. The long-standing family tradition of winemaking of the Šuljić family has been embodied by the opening of the Boškinac winery, and later the hotel and restaurant of the same name. Today, as the director of his own company, he successfully oversees and manages the development of all its branches.


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