Ana Jajalo

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Ana Jajalo
Corporate room division manager
Liburnia Riviera Hoteli

Graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management (FMTU) and began her career at Liburnia Riviera Hotels (LRH) during her high school education within the accommodation department.

After graduating from the Faculty and upon finishing the internship programme, at the age of 24 she became director of the Belvedere Hotel in Opatija. She was promoted to the director of Hotel Istra in Opatija, and last year served as the director of Holiday Resort Medveja. This year she was promoted to the position of Corporate room division manager and is currently successfully coordinating 13 receptions, 13 housekeeping departements and 6 wellness centers.

Collaborates with Company Management, Procurement, Cluster Directors and Heads of Departments within the Sector; 28 managers in 3 departments.

Her main focus is quality of service, technical and financial efficiency, which she monitors through business processes, and improves by improving procedures in operations and implementing standards.



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