Pawel Lewtak

Vice President, National Delegate Central Europe at European Hotel Managers Association

Over 20 years of professional experience within international and Polish hotel chains as well as unique independent hotels. Hospitality manager crazy about quality, always looking to escape from the beaten track as a way to find inspiration and stimulating ideas. He believes that sometimes a bit of madness is key to see a new perspective showing that impossible is nothing. General Manager of the iconic Polonia Palace Hotel in Warsaw and Chief Executive Officer at Syrena Hotels. Member of the Management Council in the European Hotel Managers Association based in Rome. As the National Delegate he represents Central and Eastern Europe. Associating himself with people who share a similar passion for hospitality.

Engaged in educational initiatives in three business schools. Awarded the Title of Hotelier of the Year in Poland in 2018, and in 2021 he received the prestigious European Hotel Manager of the Year Award.

Nikola Avram

Sandi Kovacevic



„The program was very well executed. A lot of effort has gone into it very clearly. You have a very good lineup of speakers.“

Dejan Popadić
Regional Vice President - Openings & Transitions at Hyatt Emea

„HOW Festival every year brings something new. It is incredible how HOW Festival became a must-be-there“

Josipa Jutt Ferlan
CEO at Zagreb City Hotels

„HOW Festival is being a really good way to get the industry back together again. The collection of delegates is great, very experienced and there is a lot to learn.“

David Taylor
CEO & President of the Management Board at Adriatic Luxury Hotels

„I think it is really fantastic that the professionals in the region have an opportunity to interact with each other and discuss what is happening in our industry at the moment.“

Srdjan Milenković
Managing Partner at Risum Consulting

„Great opportunity to both gain and give insights, from different people across the board withing the industry and looking how to together we can take ideas and innovations from each other and progress the hotel industry.“

Eljesa Saciri
Hotel Manager at Zetter Hotel Group

„Think the event has great topics, which is super relevant for nowadays but also for the future and I’ll be super exicited to be back next year hopefully.“

Boris Simm
Group Vice President Operations and Member of the Executive Board at Ruby Hotels